Six weeks to ask the BIG questions about the Christian faith.

Christianity Unwrapped

Chistianity Unwrapped is a six week course that looks at some of the major objections to the Christian faith.

There’s no scripts or rules in this interactive and lively course.  Whatever your position, belief or point of view, this is a real chance to engage with the subject matter and others as we work through each week.

Over the six weeks you can look at and discuss important subjects such as:

Does God Exist?

What, if any, evidence is there that there is a God and if there is, is He just the preserve of Christians?  Or is it simply the case that belief in God is not only unnecessary, but also unreasonable?

Is the Bible true?

It’s still the best selling book each year and it’s probably the most controversial book of our time.  For some it unites, for others, it divides and for others it is a complete irrelevance, but the question is: Is the Bible true?

Hasn’t Science disproved God?

The Higgs Boson, string theory, quantum mechanics, the theory of evolution . . . .  Isn’t Christianity just behind the times and clinging to some obscure, outdated belief system or is it a more reasonable option?

If there is a God of love, Why is there suffering in the world?

It is one of the top questions asked.  How can suffering be part of this world if there is supposed to be a God of love?  Why would he allow a loved one to get cancer? Why are children starving in third-world countries?  Why do good people suffer? Can God really allow all the terrible atrocities that are in the world?

Don’t all religions lead to God?

What gives Christians the exclusive right to claim that there God is the only true God.  With so many world religions with millions of followers, isn’t it more reasonable that all these religions will ultimately lead to the same God, just with different expressions of faith?

Bringing it all together.

In the final session, we bring all the weeks together and look at what would be a reasonable response to the things we’ve looked at in previous sessions.


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