Grace Church

Who we are

About Grace Church

Grace Church is a Gospel-centred group of Christians who meet in the heart of Corfe Mullen in Dorset.  We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and is the only way to truly understand who God is and what the purpose of your life is.

We exist to share the Good News about Jesus Christ, and want others to learn what it means to become true followers of him.

Grace Church is about relationship

Grace Church isn’t something you go to – it’s something that you are part of.  Jesus never intended his church to be a building or an organisation, he intended it to be a body – a living entity, relating and and working together under his headship.  We will never be the flashiest, slickest or most professional church around, but what we value more than anything is building relationships and really getting to know people and growing the body of Christ.

At Grace Church, we try and work together to achieve that purpose, so whether it’s our Sunday 10.30am Gathering, our midweek meeting or our informal hook-ups at the Blackwater Stream or in homes, then building relationship is right at the heart of what we do.  And of course, the greatest relationship a person can have is with the living God through Jesus Christ.

No Previous Experience Necessary!

It doesn’t matter if you have no experience of church, or you haven’t been for a while you are welcome to join us and look in.