New to Grace Church?


What to Expect

At Grace Church, you’ll find the most important thing to us is relationship, so when you arrive, you’ll be offered a drink and someone will say ‘hi’ to you.  Each week you’ll see us spend our time worshiping God by singing songs of praise, praying, spiritual gifts, reading the Bible and listening to one of the team open up a passage of the Bible.

Children are invited to join in each week and we love to have families with us.  We are used to plenty of noise and hub-bub, but see our guide below if you are unsure.

Our setting is informal, so you won’t feel confused about standing, sitting or doing the wrong thing.  You’re free to be yourself and find your own comfort zone.  You won’t be asked to sing or read out loud, but you’re more than welcome to join in

Will my children be a problem?

God gave children a wiggle in their bum and a giggle in their throat and you’ll find there is no unrealistic expectation of your children and you won’t be asked to keep them sitting still and silent for long periods of time.  You’ll see some children dancing to the music whilst others prefer to sit out the singing bit.  You may also see some children doing . . . well, sometimes we’re not quite sure what they’re doing but they seem to be happy!

The main thing is that you all feel welcome and don’t worry about what your children may or may not do, because we most certainly won’t.

Getting to know us

Following our morning meeting, we would invite you to join us for refreshments.  From time to time, we have community lunches.  Sharing a meal together gives you a good opportunity to chat and get to know us better.

For many, this is one of the favourite parts of our time together, because being church together means more than just turning up for an hour each week and going back home again.  It’s about relationship with God, each other and those we’ve yet to meet.

We have vegetarians and all manner of food allergies among us, so don’t worry if you have specific dietary requirements as we’re used to catering for special dietary needs.